The Pavilions At Talking Stick

UltraStar Cinema at The Pavilions at Talking Stick

Now you can bring your kids to the movie without stressing!

Bring your kids to the movies without stressing about them making noise. UltraStar Cinema at the Scottsdale Pavilions is a movie theater that caters to everyone, whether you want to see a movie with only adults 21 years or older and have a beer or if you want to see a movie with small kids and have it hassle-free, they can accommodate that too.

At UltraStar Cinema they have a parenting Movie program. Once a week the cinema selects one movie either a romantic or comedy movie with accommodations for you and your kids. They dim the lights but not to complete darkness so parents can see their children or nurse their babies or comfort them without leaving the movie. It gets even better in the theater, they also have changing tables so again, no need to leave your movie if you need to do a diaper change. You can do it right there while watching the movie in the theater. They also keep the volume reduced so it won’t startle your little ones. The movies they play are for the parents to watch during so you don’t want to bring older kids like 6 years and up. This Parenting Movie program is for parents to enjoy without having to get a sitter. The Parenting movies take place ever Wednesday morning at 10:00am and since it is an early bird movie you will only pay $5.50.

If you have kids that want to watch a movie with you, then try their Kidtoons G-rated movies. They play those movies every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am. They choose one movie and it plays for an entire month. The movies played for Kidtoons are family-friendly and only $2.50 per person, but kids 2 and under are free. Most of the movies they play during the Kidtoon movies cater to preschool up to school aged kids. After the movies your kids will get a treat like stickers, coloring sheets, or temporary tattoos.

But you adults they cater to your needs, too. They also have a 21 or older section. These theaters will serve you food and drinks and that includes alcohol drinks. The seats in this theater are also much larger than the typical ones you will find at a regular theater. This is called the StarClass Auditorium Seating, which cost extra an extra $2.00 more per ticket. After 4pm, to see a movie it cost $9.75 per ticket add the $2 and that movie will cost you $11.75 for those comfy seats and of course you will have to pay for food and drinks if you decide to have any. But if you want a night out without kids and watch a movie in comfort with drinks it maybe be worth the extra cost.

Of course they show all the latest movies with 11 auditoriums at this theater. Don’t get me started on their popcorn, I love popcorn and they sell regular, cheese and caramel. I know I will be back to check out a movie at this theater.

Matinee Adult (Until 4PM) - $7.50
Evening Adult - $9.75
Child (Ages 12 & under, ALL DAY) - $7.00
Seniors (55 and better, ALL DAY) - $7.00
Student/Military (with a valid ID) - $8.75
Early Bird (First matinee showing of each movie) - $5.50
Discount Tuesdays and Thursdays(Select movies as low as) - $5.50
3D Titles: *An addtional $3.00 premium, per ticket, will be added to all 3D movie engagements.
D-BOX Seats:*An addtional $8.00 premium, per ticket, will be added to all D-BOX seats
StarClass Auditorium Seating:*An addtional $2.00 premium, per ticket, will be added to all StarClass Auditorium sea

Ultra Star Movies
The new UltraLuxe Scottsdale theatre is located in the Scottsdale Pavilions on Indian Bend and the Loop 101. It is right behind Salt River Fields, the new spring training home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies, and just down the road from the new Talking Stick Resort.

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