Dolphinaris Arizona at OdySea


Dolphinaris Arizona:

  • Dry land and swim dolphin experiences are available. Advance reservations are suggested.
  • The 900,000-gallon habitat was designed to ensure its dolphins are thriving in the Sonoran Desert providing animals with variety such as access to sun or shade, indoor or outdoor pools, and different social companions, for example.
  • The water in the lagoon is cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter, keeping the dolphins and visitors a comfortable 75-80 degrees all year long.
  • Porpoises and other marine mammals actually live adjacent to the Sonoran Desert about 50 miles from Arizona in the Sea of Cortez
  • High-tech filtration ensures that every one of the 900,000 gallons of water passes through filters about 16 times a days
  • According to a 2014 Associated Press analysis bottlenose dolphins in human care have an average life expectancy similar to animals studied in the wild. In some US facilities, bottlenose dolphins live as much as 2 decades longer on average than their wild counterparts.
  • The USDA states that dolphin interactive programs have been operating for over 20 years without any indications of health problems or incidents of aggression in the marine mammals
  • All of Dolphinaris interactions with the animals are based on positive reinforcement. These rewards include dolphin appropriate toys, play, water jets, tactile, guest interactions, and so much more.
  • Dolphins are provided the highest quality of food, enriching habitat, and daily care and husbandry training by a team of professional behaviorists and water quality experts, lead by a full-time marine mammal veterinarian.
  • The conservation programs sponsored by Dolphinaris help preserve and protect natural resources.
  • Learn more at or call 480-407-5154